What Is Yagya

According to ancient Indian tradition,there exist various divine entities in this universe. The divine entities are believed to cause good to the earthly beings. Similarly there are evil powers which supposedly bring miseries to the beings. To overcome the miseries of life and to bring about happiness through blessings of the divine entities, “Veda”s and “Tantra”s have prescribed different techniques. One of the powerful techniques called “Yagya”.

In this technique, virtuous substances or “Dravya”s are put as offerings or oblations to the gods in the sacred fire called “ Agni”. In the “Veda”s specific “Dravya” attributed to specific divine entity or god or goddesses. According to the procedure prescribed in the scriptures called “Shastra”s, the “ Agni” has to be ignited in a geometrically designed structure called “Yagya Kunda”. Then the “Dravya”s has to be offered to the attributed to divine entity by putting it into the “Agni”. It is believed that the “Dravya” reaches the intended divine entity by assimilation of the properties of the substances in the nature and brings about blessings of god in the form of good events in future. Throughout this procedure, holy verses or “Mantra”s are chanted in the prescribed harmony. “Yagya” can be conducted in the name of any particular person through a learned priest knowing the techniques. It is believed that “Yagya” brings about good health, wealth, longevity, abundance, and more to the person and his/her family who performs “Yagya”.

‘Yaga’, ‘Homa’, and ‘Havana’ carry the same meaning as “Yagya”(Yajna). More about Yagyas

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