About YajnaBhoomi

“YajnaBhoomi” is a platform to perform yagya (yajna/havan/homam), japa, parayana, pooja etc services as asserted by Vedas and Tantra Shastras by online. We face many problems in life and don’t get the right solutions at the right time, so suffer a lot. To face and reduce the effect of the problems performing yagya/japa/pooja etc is one of the ways. It is even scientifically proved from the period of sages/rishis. To perform it even better we are depending on the jyotish or astrology. We can find out the past and the future of a person when gone through his/her horoscope. After analyzing the horoscope or jataka of the person in detail the astrologer comes to know the doshas of the jatakas having. For every dosha there is a solution by pooja or yagya. By performing suitable yagya or pooja according to the doshas we can get the solution for the problems.

In India we can find so many sacred places, temples and they are really powerful. Our requests will be fulfilled by visiting such religious places. Along with above mentioned services we also take you to the religious places and temples on request.

Some people like to perform the pooja / yagya at their own home. Our team is ready to go anywhere to provide the pooja/yagya services.

Shri. Vidwan Anant Bhat is very experienced vedic astrologer and yagya performer since 21 years  in the field. He has the confidence and experience of resolved problems of many people. He has a team of 25 to 30 skilled veda pandits to help in his work. He has performed more than 25 Shatachandi yagyas. He has worked as the Head Priest of the Nava Chandi Yagyas for many years in Kolluru Mookambika Temple. Performed like SahasraChandi yagya and such big yagyas in Madhurai, Tamilnadu. He visited Malaysia (3-4 times), Saudi Arabia countries on request of the clients to perform yagyas.

Now we are providing services by online. We request to give us the opportunity to serve you by using this online service.