Sarala Vastu Consultation

The science of Saral Vaastu holds that every person on earth has a grid of four favourable and four unfavourable directions. These eight directions influence a person’s life are set as per his/ her date of birth. These directions play a vital role in a person’s life and bestow prosperity or adversity.

In presently practices Vastu Shastra, preference is given to only the North and East directions especially when it concerns the location of the main door of the house and the South and West are considered as unfavourable directions. These directions play a vital role in a person’s life. If the main entry of your house and workplace comes in your first favourable direction then you will get excellent results. Even if the main door comes under the second, third and fourth favourable direction, it still gives you good outcomes.

If the main door of your house or workplace comes in first unfavourable direction, then you tend to lose everything i.e., health, wealth, prosperity, relationship and fame. Even if the main door comes under second, third and fourth unfavourable direction, it gives bad results. It could cause negative impacts such as loss in business, disturbance in family, court matters, health problems etc. However, the good news is that the popular science of Saral Vaastu has a solution for every problem. It is both practical and applicable; a universal panacea for all our ills.