Privacy Notice

Yajnabhoomi provides this notice to explain its exercises regarding use of personal data through its website. We may collect data from clients relating to applications and orders. We will not disclose, sell any of your identifiable information to any third party, unless required by the law.
We use security measures to protect data from unauthorized access or use.
All information relating to our clients available on our website is strictly confidential. Our registered clients have exclusive access their data. If you are not the client concerned any disclosure, transmission, copy or other use of such data is strictly forbidden and construct liability for damages.

Refund or Cancellation

Since our services and the yagya performances are adjusted to the needs of a person who order it, and it is not a consumer ‘s good or product, there is no possibility to send back. So please decide carefully what service you order. If we have started or got Sankalpa then we will have to finish yagya for you. In this case we are unable to return money because we have to distribute Dakshina to pandits. However you can modify your order until 3 days before the yagya procedure with sending an e-mail to us to e-mail address, or in the e-mail now section.